Any time a web surfer is clicking a link that takes them to another site, they are using the feature of what is called a ‘backlink’. A backlink is what links two websites together. A clickable link that allows the user to jump from one site to another with one click. Backlinks show how relevant a website is based on their content and the amount of link clicks they receive. It also tells the search engine, for instance, Google, that a website is active, relevant, and if being used, how frequently. It is a good tool to use to ensure a site is staying relevant and up to date with content for the public eye.

There are many ways that links are built and used. Some common link building methods are:

2-way and 3-way link exchange: This is used when two or three website owners come together and use one another’s information and website links on their own, giving credit to each author. This allows a reader to enter one site, see information from another, and venture onto that one as well… This is a great way to get a site’s name out to the public in a much quicker fashion.

Profile linking: This allows a website author to put their link to their site on other profiles of theirs. For example, creating a website to showcase one’s work, they could link their website to their LinkedIn profile or Facebook page so that the public could see what they are doing. An employer could click the link and use the website as part of their resume to consider.

Article/Blog/Forum postings: This is a great way to use backlinks. Putting the link to a website on a popular article, blog post, or forum post might attract new readers interested in the content of that specific site. Using this is a way to gain traffic on the site, and gain a following of people who may have similar interests and ideas. This is a great way for increased traffic.

All in all, backlinks serve as a great tool to increasing the traffic of a website, no matter the content. Getting a site publicized, and getting the link out to the public is crucial for the success of a website. Creating good content will only get someone so far, if there isn’t any traffic to view it.

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