Bidding Optimization Strategies

Getting one’s website to see traffic, clicks, impressions, and ROI’s (Return on Investment’s), bidding optimization strategies must go into effect.  Using Google Ads is a tool that many companies use in order to obtain the best results for their site.

Using automated and manual bidding are key strategies to use to optimize the impressions on a site.

Knowing your target audience is crucial when trying to figure out a bidding strategy that will be most effective.  Knowing the company’s budget for click optimization is crucial as well to know whether to choose automated or manual bidding.  Staying in budget, knowing the fluctuation patters, specific (most popular) keywords that are being searched, are all crucial aspects to being able to wisely choose a bid.  

Automated bidding: This is the easiest route to go as you let Google do most of the dirty work.  A company must go on and allocate a daily budget that Google can tinker with.  Google then partners with Google Ads, allowing them to fluctuate the CPC, cost per click depending on public impressions, clicks, and conversions.

The more clicks and impressions a website receives, the more the cost per click will fluctuate, changing the price many times within a day.  Maximizing clicks and website traffic is the main goal, as that will ultimately get the company a higher CPC, more money in their pocket, and a larger online following.

Manual bidding: This strategy allows you to manage the bids and pricing for keywords and AdWords.  This is sometimes a smarter route as it ensures the company isn’t throwing around money for more broad words and phrases. This can be an effective strategy for increasing bids on specific, sensitive keywords.  Being able to fluctuate the price will ultimately save money and help narrow down bids.

Knowing the business, knowing the budget, understanding Google AdWords and how it can be used most effectively will all be factors in choosing a bidding strategy. Being able to come to a decision that will best fit the company in the smartest, most cost effective way will be the winner.

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Here is an example of choosing a Google Ads bidding strategy that is going to best service their needs.
A YouTube video further explaining bidding optimization.

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