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Marketing is such a constantly changing way of communicating to the public.  As technology rapidly changes, as our world becomes more and more “internet friendly” per say, the way a company markets itself to the world must change as well. For any company, location targeting is imperative to how they get their name across to consumers. 

For example, a friend who owns a local bakery in Northville, Michigan has a great marketing team.  She has a team that works together every day to spread the word about the bakery, through different platforms. Digital marketing has crept up on us all into becoming the most popular method of marketing.  Using social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, has become so crucial to companies to gain easy access to a specific population of consumers.  Using location targeting is a necessity to understand, in order to be most effective for the product being sold.  For my friend, she must understand her clientele, where her customers are coming from, and how far they are actually willing to travel to receive her baked goods.  For her, she must target a local audience.  People in the surrounding cites of Metro Detroit would be in her benefit to catch their attention.  If someone in San Diego were to google, “Local Bakeries”, her bakery in Northville, MI would not be popping up.  Understanding location targeting/marketing and being able to pinpoint customers and gain a following that way is the most efficient way of attracting local customers. 



      There are features through Google that allows a company to mess with the settings, that only allows people in certain areas accessibility to view a Google Ad.  This minimizes marketing costs since global advertising can be turned off and turned into a very centralized ad.  A company is allowed to select an entire country to broadcast to, a city, territory, or even airport.  This makes it easy to crucial to understand one’s customer population, who they are, where they are from and how far they range from the company’s base. 

            As a consumer in today’s technology filled world, it is so easy to grab a smart phone, type in “Restaurants near me” or “Dentists near me”, so we are all using location targeting daily.  The Apple IOS system, Android users, and day to day Google users are all experiencing this type of marketing every time they go to look up something that is around them or a product only offered near them. It is quite an interesting topic in my opinion, that has been under a development stage over the last few years as we become a tech savvy world. 

Below is a video explaining location targeting and how to properly market to different regions of the world. 

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