The Basics of Onsite SEO

Picture this: Your new website is perfect – visually appealing, easy to use, and full of necessary content. The only problem: little traffic, low click-through rate, and overall low popularity to your website, whatever that means to you. This is likely due to a lack of Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO.

SEO is unarguably important; it doesn’t help you get your website to the top of search results; you outright need it to be able to get your website in front of users. In 2019, SEO is becoming more and more important in website developer’s success… More websites lead to more competition and, thus less of a chance that a particular user will click on, and stay on your website.

There are different types of SEO. On-site SEO refers to optimizing the content, media, and HTML source code on a website. Optimizing the content of a website means making sure it can supply the user with the information that they are looking for. Search engines recognize certain keywords users are searching and will rank the website higher in search results. Find out the most important keywords by doing a few searches and check what keywords or phrases come up the most. Also, do some research on current topics of what people are talking about to supplement the content on your website.

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Optimization media website links (sources) are important as well. Images, videos, and audio should be relevant and honor copyrights as well as following standards such as how you save it, file name, file size, etc. Links to the site are what search engines read to know what the content of your website is. This should seem self-explanatory on why this is so important when attempting to push your website up the ranks.

Dearborn, Michigan is the hub of many different marketers, and it is a centralized location in the Metro Detroit area.  Nearby, Ann Arbor has a large onsite SEO company that brings an abundance of content to many Detroit native companies.  While SEO is not the only deciding factor on what makes your website successful, it will certainly help get your website in front of users. Optimizing content structure, multimedia, and source codes will get you more traffic, but in the end, having good, quality content that users enjoy will be the deciding factor of your website’s success.

This is a YouTube video going into further details about Onsite SEO success.

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